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A 100% SharePoint based time entry and management solution.

With SPTimesheet all of your resources including staff and contractors can enter time worked on projects including vacation and sick time.

Your project managers are able to control which resources may enter time on their project reducing data entry errors.

SPTimesheet reduces your IT costs when compared with other systems as there is no additional software or hardware required other than your existing SharePoint environment.

Ensure important documents are read by the people which are required to do so on your SharePoint site.

Document authors are able to request readers for documents which they add to their sites. The readers are provided with an optional alert when a request is created.

Requestors are able to see who has viewed their documents and readers are able see which document they have been requested to read across all sites.

Requestors can also optionally require readers to acknowledge / confirm that they have read the document.

Similar to Object Relationship Mapping (ORM) tools for relational databases, SPOrm brings object to list abstraction to SharePoint development.

SPOrm generates .Net classes which map to lists in a SharePoint site which perform all of the classic CRUD (create, read, update and delete) operations on list items.

SPOrm also implements advanced capabilities such as single and multi-column unique constraints and cascading deletes of related child list items is provided.

The SPOrm BETA will be available soon.
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