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SPTimesheet™ - Time Tracking for SharePoint

Overview - Starting at $1,000

   SPTimesheet is the first 100% SharePoint based time tracking management solution. With SPTimesheet you are able to fully leverage your existing investment in SharePoint while benefiting from a feature rich powerful time tracking solution.


Better manage time worked

   Using SPTimesheet your staff can enter time spent on projects including vacation and sick time. Project managers are able to fully control who is able to enter time for a project. Detailed reports provide information rich data aggregation which allow for easy analysis of how and where time is being spent.

Reduce management overhead

   Managers will no longer have to pester staff to enter time since automatic e-mail reminders encourage staff to enter time promptly. Staff can only enter time for projects which they are assigned reducing data entry errors. Detailed reports allow managers to always know how much time is spent on projects and by whom.

Leverage existing IT investments

   Your IT team will benefit from a 100% SharePoint based solution which does not require any additional software or hardware than that already in use for your SharePoint environment. All data is stored within SharePoint lists which greatly simplifies backup and restore - just backup SharePoint and all information in SPTimesheet is backed up as well.

  Feature Highlights
  Enter time for projects, vacation & sick   
  E-mail alerts to enter and review time   
  Manage projects, tasks, labor categories and more   
  Detailed reports   
  100% SharePoint solution simplifying integration, backup & more   
  Export data to use in invoicing system or other purposes   
  Multi-step approval workflows   
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