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SPTimesheet™ - Time Tracking for SharePoint


[+] Improve efficiency by capturing time worked
>> Online capture of time worked by staff & contractors
>> Use approval workflows to ensure accuracy
>> Ensure time is entered only on working days
>> Ensure on-time entry and submission of time worked
>> Enable time entry from any SharePoint site such as "My Sites"
[+] Leverage existing investment in SharePoint
>> Uses your existing SharePoint servers
>> Use existing users in Active Directory
>> No custom database to install or maintain
>> Simplified backup and restore
[+] Analyze data or export to invoicing / billing tools
>> Easily aggregate time data as needed
>> Export time data in XML or CSV
[+] Customize to serve your organizations needs / preferences
>> Multiple reporting periods types supported
>> Customize labels for main data elements
>> Control granularity for submitting time

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