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Portals / Sharepoint

   More and more organizations are recognizing the value and need for an online collaborative portal. Designing a portal requires more than just creating a web site. A portal requires an organizational commitment and strategy to the use of the collaborative environment. Portals succeed when all parties buy-in to the idea and advocate its use across teams.

   1st Thinking provides many services to help you get your portal up and running in a timely cost effective manner. We have extensive experience working with portals. Our team can work with you, or independently, to create a strategy, implement the technology, deploy the solution, and train your staff.

  • Strategy and planning consulting ensure your needs are properly connected with the business and the ability of the technologies to support them.
  • Implementation services provide you with a team of experts that know how to make your Microsoft Sharepoint based portals consistent with your strategy and future plans. We have experts in the installation, configuration,- and support of Microsoft Sharepoint. In addition, we have development expertise to customize the portal, if needed, through the use of standard Webpart technologies.
  • Rollout planning is critical to the success of any portal. Training of your staff and partners is the only way to ensure full acceptance and utilization of your investment.


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